Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Connect your solutions with IoT

We help your company shape the best Internet of Things (IoT) adoption strategy and deliver solutions that drive your results, from prototype to production.

Hardware e Firmware

We develop the devices you need to build your IoT solution. Count on our hardware and cloud engineering expertise to accelerate your strategies.

Edge or cloud processing

We use processing at the edge to reduce response time, or in the cloud to generate advanced analytics and add other capabilities.

Business Intelligence

Count on insights to improve your results, delivered in real time and enhanced by Machine Learning.

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Use cases

Create new products and experiences through IoT


Traffic Patterns and Insight

Recognition of truck displacement patterns, seeking to optimize routes and avoid fraud.


Engineering Models

Optimization of the hyperparameters of your production line, estimating the recovery potential of circuits, for example, of flotation of this production.

Telemetry and Sensitive Cargo

Telemetry os Sensitive Cargo

Real-time telemetry of your data. With this you can, for example, measure temperature and humidity, perform real-time monitoring of sensitive loads on an airplane and much more.

We go further

Smart and connected products



We create specific devices and features for your challenge. We connect your solutions and deliver strategic insights.

Multicloud expertise

We deliver solutions from the leading cloud providers on the market. Have the most advanced technologies from Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud in favor of your business.

Data Science

We have a specialized and integrated team in the widest areas of Data Science, which delivers advanced solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, Machile Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and MLOps.

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