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App Performance & Management

Application Performance & Management

Monitoring, automation and intelligence in application performance management

We’re able to have an agile view of your entire application infrastructure so we can identify bottlenecks, accelerate your performance and keep your company focused on the business.


An APM (Application Performance Management) service that we use to monitor your active applications. Through this feature we can diagnose problems and understand what the

users do with your app.

Continuous improvement of performance and usability

With our technologies we can help you to constantly improve your application’s performance and usability.

Wide variety of solutions

We’re able to access a wide variety of languages ​​such as Java and Python, in on-premises, hybrid environments or in any public cloud.

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We go further

Master the complexity of the modern cloud



We find out what your application’s slowest requests and failures are, and we track the load, responsiveness and performance of your solutions.


From dependency rates, response times and failure rates, it’s all about finding out if outside services are slowing you and your business.


Custom metrics to track your business events through Azure or Docker host diagnostics.

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